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Your Guide to Pavement

Paving is an important aspect of residential and commercial properties. It not only ensures that your property is attractive, but it also protects the foundation of your home or business from outside elements. When you need paving service, there are three types to choose from: asphalt, concrete and brick. Grand Rapids Paving Company staff will discuss each type below so you can make sure to select the best one for your needs!

The first thing that you need to consider is the area that needs paving. Will it be a small or large project? Consider whether the job will only require asphalt, concrete or brick service and how big of an area it’ll cover.

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Concrete: One of the most popular types of roadways in North America is made from poured concrete; they are durable and last for years! However, areas near trees may become damaged due to roots growing under your pavement over time – so keep this in mind if your property has a lot of trees nearby. Concrete can also freeze during colder months which could cause damage as well! Asphalt: A more affordable option than concrete is asphalt pavements. They’re very versatile when it comes to design options with many different colors and styles to choose from. However, asphalt is not as durable as concrete so it’s important that you keep up with regular maintenance if you select this type of pavement. Brick: The most expensive option for paving is brick pavers. They are very durable and last a long time but they can also be damaged by weathering. It’s important to have a professional install them so that the job is done correctly!

Now that you know more about each type of paving, it should be easier to decide which one is best for your property. If you’re still unsure, contact a paving service for advice! They’ll be happy to help!